Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best class for a beginner? All of our classes are designed for all levels of practitioners. Our teachers offer options for each level of practitioner to explore for themselves. However, if you are a beginner (new to yoga) or it has been a long time since you last practiced, Gentle Yoga or Hatha Yoga classes are the best place to begin.

What should I wear? Loose, comfortable clothing that will allow you to move with ease. It is also smart to dress in layers. At the end of each class, there is a relaxation period. It is important to keep comfortably warm during relaxation so that the body has a chance to relax. 

What should I bring? Bring a water bottle. Some individuals prefer to use their own mat for practice. If you don't have a mat, we have mats at the studio (free of charge) for you to use. We ask that when you borrow one of our mats that you clean it off at the end of practice. We have all the other props that you might need during a practice at the studio.

When should I arrive for class? Please arrive at least 10-minutes prior to the start time for class. This will allow you to set up your space and to meet others in our community. It is also an opportunity to transition into your practice without feeling rushed or hurried. 

What if I can't do the pose? Each of the teachers will tell you that you understand your body best. If you cannot do a pose that is offered, you can either come to a seated pose, move into child's pose or stand until the next pose is offered. The teacher may come and check in with you just to be sure you are okay. You know your body best! Part of yoga practice is to learn to honor your body in the moment. After class, you can always ask the teacher for suggestions for the next time.

How warm is the room? Generally, the room will be about 70-75 degrees depending on the time of year and how many people are in the room.

What if I didn't get a chance to sign in for class but still want to come? Most of the time this is not a big deal but there are classes that often are full. A full class is 14 people. You can certainly come to class and we will do our best to fit you in!

Other things to know:

  • Please do not wear cologne or perfume to class - we practice deep breathing in yoga through our nose - strong scents and odors can be disturbing and disrupting
  • When you arrive, please remove your shoes before entering the studio
  • Please turn your phone to 'do not disturb', 'airplane mode' or 'off' before you come into the studio
  • Please be mindful and respectful of other people's practice space (mat) and do not step on another person's mat
  • Sometimes it happens that you are late getting to class, if that happens, please set up as quickly as possible and without disrupting or disturbing anyone else
  • Please remember to honor all those around you by being respectful and mindful to each other

We welcome EVERYONE to Cherished Soul Yoga!