Jill Rich, RYT200 came to yoga in 2014 to relieve chronic back pain and improve flexibility.  What she discovered was far more than pain relief and improved flexibility: she found a safe place to land when on her mat.  Jill’s passion for yoga flourished which led her to complete her Yoga Teacher Training at Balancing Owl Yoga in 2019.  Jill knows the direct benefits of yoga in her life and is eager to share those benefits with her students. Jill feels that the practice of yoga should be accessible to everyone at any level.  Jill’s nurturing classes offer simple movements that help to relax and relieve stress, improve awareness (body, breath and mind) in a safe and supportive environment.  When Jill is not on her mat or working her day job, she enjoys cooking, and spending time with her husband and their two Shih Tzus.

Jennifer Sharma, RYT200: Jennifer began practicing yoga to strengthen and restore her body after injury. In addition to finding more balanced health, Jennifer noticed the practice of yoga centered and calmed her, leading her to feel strong in body, mind, and soul. Jennifer’s personal passion is to assist people to bring the best of who they are into all areas of their lives. Jennifer believes that yoga is an essential element of personal development. By integrating yoga principles and practice into her work with both individuals and groups, Jennifer supports others in developing a centered awareness of self; building connection between body, mind, and spirit; and, fostering overall wellness in their lives. Jennifer believes yoga gives everyone access to connect with their best selves and enjoys sharing a contemplative practice that integrates mindful awareness, breath, compassion, and stillness. 

Shayne Terry's, RYT200 yoga journey began when she was a toddler when her mom used to push her ankles over her head while singing, “Yooooga.” That fun fact aside,  Shayne completed her yoga teacher training at Drishti International in Goa, India, in March 2019. While completing training she was constantly surprised by how her body “showed up” for her. Little by little, with patient practice, she found herself in poses she was never able to achieve in the past. Shayne realized, without any doubt, that yoga truly was accessible to every body and she knew that she wanted her teaching style to reflect that. Shayne likes to have fun in her classes. She encourages students to go deeper, not just in the poses but into themselves. She creates judgment-free, safe spaces where all feel welcome and are encouraged to be themselves. When she’s not teaching yoga, you can find Shayne reading, laughing with her family, or attending a spiritual workshop/retreat in the area.

Lori Chirakos, RYT200 began  yoga with the hope that it would be a holistic tool to help with pain management and recovery from spinal cord surgery. While appreciating the increase in mobility, flexibility, and strength from an asana practice, Lori found that breathing and meditation helped to relieve the stress of daily discomfort. For Lori, yoga offered her an awareness of the connection between my body, mind and spiritual life. Yoga also taught her balance both on and off the mat. Lori is excited to encourage others to explore their own yoga practice. Lori completed 200YTT at Balancing Owl Yoga in 2019. Lori enjoys aquatic exercise, walking, nature, and volunteering. Lori is married and has lived in Dublin for 33 years. She is the mother of 2 grown daughters, 2 rescued pets, and 3 grand kitties.

Elizabeth Buttrey, RYT200 took her first  yoga class in 2000 but it wasn’t until 2018 that she found consistent practice.  Elizabeth has found the benefits of yoga in all areas of her life: physically, yoga has been a great compliment to her running and cycling (and general well-being).  Mentally and emotionally, the power of connecting to her breath has allowed Elizabeth be fully present in her life.  Words cannot adequately express the amazingness that Elizabeth has discovered through yoga.  Elizabeth completed 200 hour teacher training at Balancing Owl Yoga in October 2019.  Elizabeth is excited to share yoga with her students so that they can also discover this powerful practice.

Beverly Tyler, ERYT200, RYT500, began her yoga journey in 2010 after a decade of running and a lifetime of being active.  She came for the flexibility but fell in love with how the breath combines with the poses and the flows of the sequences.   She has gained strength and flexibility and increased her level of fitness, and loves knowing she can continue her practice throughout her lifetime.  Beverly believes the best part of yoga is taking it “off your mat” and enjoying the focus that results from a regular practice. Her transition into teaching began in 2013, with the intention of just learning more about yoga,  which then grew into wanting to share it with others by leading.  She teaches a moving, accessible practice and enjoys seeing others find their own connection with yoga.  When not practicing Beverly continues to be active with volleyball, snow skiing, golf and hiking.  She is an avid reader and podcast listener who also loves to travel and spend time with her two grown sons and many friends.

Stacie Edgington, RYT200. Stacie's love for yoga happened by chance! After her regular spinning class was canceled, she found her way into a yoga class and the rest was history! Stacie is a busy wife, mother and business owner. Yoga offered her a refuge from the busyness of her life and all of it's demands. Stacie found such comfort and peace from her yoga practice that she knew that she had to share it with other busy women like herself. She completed Mat Happy Yoga's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in November 2019. Stacie believes that everyone needs to take time to slow down, breathe, have some fun and do something good for you! Stacie’s classes offer fun sequences that stretch and strengthen the body while quieting the mind. This is your practice; take what you need and leave behind what you don’t. When Stacie’s not on her mat you can find her cooking (she has a husband and two teenage boys), reading, hiking or spending time with her family. 

Shweta Ambwani, RYT200 came to yoga at the end of 2017 to find peace mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She became so passionate about yoga (attending multiple classes a day) and had a thirst for more yoga knowledge that she decided to enroll in yoga teacher training during summer 2018 at Yoga Six. While it completely changed her life for the better, she started realizing why she does yoga - yoga is a means to come home to yourself and experience the deeper, richer world we're connected to. She wants to empower her students to be spiritual beings and realize that yoga is a lifestyle. Outside of yoga, Shweta loves being a technology consultant, reading, traveling (she's on a mission to travel every couple months), and being a huge foodie.

Melanie Ross, RYT200 came to yoga as a complimentary practice to lose weight. She stayed because she found peace, joy and most importantly, herself. Melanie completed her 200hr Training with Find Your Edge Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. Melanie believes that yoga is a personal practice without competition. She believes that yoga is your time to be with you! Melanie loves to travel; the beach is her favorite place to be. Melanie is passionate about working with veterans and first responders. Helping those who put others first, need to take time to relax and breathe. You can find Melanie the first Saturday every month teaching at Veterans Memorial and Museum.

Patti Saniel-Banrey, RYT200  took her first yoga class over 10 years ago primarily for the fitness benefits.  She quickly realized that the practice became much more than that as it began to awaken her spirituality and brought her faith to life. This fueled a drive to share the gift of yoga with others.  In 2015 she completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Laurel Hodory & Faculty.  Patti endeavors to share her joy of yoga with others and is quick to point out the accessibility and benefits of yoga with all she meets on and off the mat.  She invites others to explore yoga in their own bodies and minds and encourages students to trust and enjoy the process. While not on the mat, Patti can be found hanging out with friends or her dog Ziggy laughing and enjoying the journey of life.

Lonney Stokes, RYT200 started practicing yoga 10-years-ago. After years of working in construction, he had chronic back and joint pain. Between yoga and Pilates, he was able to reduce his back pain, increase his flexibility and find a spiritual center. Lonney attended Seven Studios Yoga Teacher Training and began teaching in 2016. He enjoys vinyasa style yoga but is comfortable teaching hatha-style classes as well. Lonney will encourage you to learn your body so you can efficiently explore the physical practice of yoga and he will also encourage you to integrate your personal spiritual practice. Lonney believes that each practitioner must find their own way through exploration and that everyone can do yoga. When he is not teaching yoga, Lonney still loves construction work, talking with friends and enjoying life and practicing Acroyoga.