Balanced Life Yoga

Living life in balance means living a life of wellbeing. As human beings there are many factors to maintaining wellbeing and one of the most influential factors is our emotion state. As you all know, emotions can change from minute to minute and this affects our ability to respond to all of the experiences of our lives. When we don't feel balanced, everything just seems harder. Yoga provides us with the tools to be able to take care of ourselves, build emotional resilience and adaptability. 

The Yoga Toolkit:

  • Present moment  awareness
  • Good breathing practice
  • Intentional physical movements to create stability of mind and body
  • Guided systematic relaxation to help us reset our overactive nervous system
  • One pointed concentration to help us quiet the 'monkey' mind

Balanced Living Yoga Class: Each class is 60-minutes long. All levels (beginner-to-experienced) are welcome and options for modifying poses will be offered as needed. Participants will need to be able to move to the floor and up from the floor for the practice. Please arrive at least 10-minutes prior to the beginning of class.

What we learn on the mat in the yoga studio teaches us tools to use in our daily lives a nd this helps us to cultivate the ability to understand what we are feeling in response to a particular experience or event and how to respond (versus react) and how to also allow for the natural flow of the changes of life.

Mary E Coleman, ERYT500