About Cherished Soul Yoga

Throughout my life, I have come to understand that each and everyone of us a unique purpose; each one of us is a note in a symphony - and when that note is missing, the symphony isn't quite right. In time, I realized that every soul is cherished. When it came time to name the yoga studio, I knew that this name would convey what I believed. You are so cherished. You are so necessary. Each of us must bring our highest potential to the symphony of the world.

About Mary Coleman, ERYT500: Mary Coleman is the owner of  Cherished Soul Yoga. Mary came to yoga for the physical benefits and stayed for the transformation. Mary describes herself as the mystic/scientist. She believes in divine presence but she is always trying to figure out the 'why'!

Mary trained with Laurel Hodory, ERYT500 and received her Advanced Training at The Himalayan Institute. She quickly realized the power of the practice to transform suffering and dedicated herself to the integration of yoga with mental and emotional wellbeing. She has done extensive training in the areas of anxiety and trauma. 

Mary has also had the great privilege of teaching yoga teacher training in Columbus since 2013. In 2020, she will continue teaching yoga teachers by offering an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training right here at Cherished Soul. Mary is a volunteer with Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc whose mission is  to help veterans and active duty military who struggle with PTSD and Moral Injury. Mary has taught yoga at TRR's Warrior Camp®, a ground breaking suicide prevention program that promotes self-regulation, resiliency and adaptability through all of the modalities, of which, yoga is included.

When not teaching yoga, Mary can be found hiking in the woods or kayaking on the lake with her dog. Mary also enjoys losing herself in writing and expressing herself in watercolors and pastels. And by the way, Mary really loves sheep  - they are even in the Cherished Soul logo! You'll see sheep images pop up around the studio too!